Magic Trackpad ( Gen 1)

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  • More control at your fingertips. 
    More to touch, more to love. 
    Bluetooth technology. 

    Thích hợp cho Macbook , iMac

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More control at your fingertips. 
Magic Trackpad gives you a whole new way to control what’s on your Mac desktop computer. When you perform gestures, you actually interact with what’s on your screen. You feel closer to your content, and moving around feels completely natural. Swiping through pages on screen is just like flipping through pages in a magazine, and inertial scrolling senses the momentum in your fingers as you move up and down a page. 

More to touch, more to love. 
Your fingers will fall for the Magic Trackpad. It’s made with smooth, wear-resistant glass that feels great to the touch. And it’s nearly 80 percent larger than the built-in trackpad on the MacBook Pro, giving you plenty of room to perform gestures. Because the entire surface of Magic Trackpad is a button, you can click on objects just as you would using a traditional mouse. And Magic Trackpad sits at the same height and angle as the Apple Wireless Keyboard, so you can go from trackpad to keyboard in one seamless motion. 

Bluetooth technology. 
Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac via Bluetooth wireless technology. Use it in conjunction with the Apple Wireless Keyboard for a cable-free, uncluttered workspace. And if you feel like venturing away from your desk, Magic Trackpad maintains a reliable and secure connection up to 33 feet away from your Mac. 
Nhà sản xuất:  Apple - United States
Loại:  Tablet
Compatibility:  MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro
Connection Type:  Wireless Bluetooth
Sensor type:  Capacitive [finger] (Multi-touch, Gestures)
Size:  0.72 x 5.12 x 5.17 in
Battery Size:  AA
Color:  Metal
Weight:  140g
In the box: 
  • Magic Trackpad
  • Two AA Batteries
  • Printed documentation

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